Schedule Maintenance 6.00pm Today ( Wed 23 May)

There is scheduled maintenance planned for today at 6.00pm (Sydney time) which will result in Zoo Property being offline for around 10 minutes.

This offshore web development will be performing some work.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Zoo sending data to are a real estate portal which specialise in marketing real estate to the Chinese market in Australia and abroad in China. It is quite an interesting niche market and should be considered by all agents who market attractive investment property. Contact the portal today if you would like your listings to appear on the portal.

Zoo sending data to

Proactivevue perform and email, print and window display marketing for agents. We’ve just hooked up a sync to this company meaning our clients can take advantage of their services.

Contact them today to view a full suite of their services.

Advenda sending data to Zoo Property

We’ve just build a sync with Advenda meaning they can send property data to Zoo Property for their clients. Advenda are a campaign management software allowing agents to create and manage the marketing material for their listings.

Spell Check added to description field

If your spelling is as bad as mine then you will see value in this feature, its a spell check added to the description field for all listing templates. If you click the spelling option it will scan the text and highlight any words spelt incorrectly. You are then prompted with alternative options for the word.

Scheduled Database Upgrade

We  have scheduled database maintenance being performed on the Zoo System around lunch time this Sunday 11th December 2011. The system could be offline for a few minutes so it is advised you avoid using it during this period.

Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience.

Zoo Team

Zoo Property – Reports

We’ve added a facility called Reports under the Tools tab. The first report you can create is a report highlighting which portals all of your properties are checked to send to. You can filter listings before you generate the report and the report can be viewed as HTML or exported as a csv file.

We have plans to add additional reports so please comment on any you would like to see here.

Zoo Property Exporting to

After demand from clients we’ve setup an export to Realestateworld allowing clients with a subscription to them to have their data autoamtically sent across to the portal.

If you would like your listings to appear on then please contact them and setup an account.

Export Adjustments and Instant Export

You will notice a slight adjustment in the layout of the Exports tab for each property. We have now grouped portals into types so you can easily recognise portals which are relevant to you.  You will also see if you select a portal eg that automaticlaly you will be selecetd to send to other portals assocaited with that portal….eg

Your data won’t appear on these sister portals unless you have a valid subscription but it will be sent to them.

Another important adjustment is that we have added a blue link ‘Export Property” to this page under a section called Instant Export. if you press this link then we will instantly send updates to all portals for that property. This means your update will appear on the portal as soon as they process the file we provide them.

If you do not press this link but have updated the property then the property will be sent in the next automated feed which is on the hour every 2 hours.

Zoo Property Sending data to ListGlobally send data to international portals around the world and Zoo Property can now automatically send your properties to them. If you would like this to happen then please contact them and setup an account