Need A Website?

It’s easy to get a Zoo Property account: all you need to do is Sign up for Free. Zoo Property manages your listing data, and you choose who manages your site.

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    Easy Setup

    Buy a theme from the Online Store, or have a custom site built. Then, synchronize your site with the Zoo Property system, and voilĂ ! Your property listing data flows to your website. Here are some ways to get your website up to speed.

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    Develop a Website

    If you have web development skills or an in-house web developer, you can set up a Zoo Property Account and build a website which draws information from your Agent’s System account.

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    Synchronize Your Current Website

    Modify your current website so it draws information from your Agent’s System account and displays the data on your current website. Need help synchronizing your website? Agentpoint, the creator of Zoo Property, can help you.

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    Purchase an Out-of-the-Box Website

    Purchase a website theme from the Online Store which, once installed, will automatically synchronise with the Zoo Property database and your Agent’s System account. Need help installing your website? Let Agentpoint help you out!

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    Get a Developer to Build a Custom Website

    Search the Zoo Property web developer directory or contact Agentpoint to find a web professional who can help you.

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    Let a Developer Do Everything

    Don’t want to worry about anything? Then search the Zoo Property web developer directory and find a web developer who can set up your Zoo Property account and manage your website. They will charge you a monthly management fee and will look after everything. All you need to do is focus on selling and leasing property!